27 Years of Customer Service, 23 years of Spa And Wellness Experience and 15 years of Spa Management and Human Resources Experience

Recommendations from professionals I have worked with in the Spa and Wellness Industry.


Barry Warrington – Director of Operations at IS Wellness:
Michael is an incredibly talented therapist, a dedicated trainer, and a great leader.


Rhiannon Rees – Philanthropist, Business Growth/Life Strategist, Mentor, Best Selling Author, Global Speaker, and Coach: 
Michael is one of the most talented health care professionals that I have ever worked with. Michael is so gifted in his healing ability and coupled with his huge heart and absolute dedication to both his life and the lives of others.


Jennifer McGregor – Nutritionist: 
Michael Strickland is devoted to making the world a better place.. His gentle nature and professional attitude make him an anomaly in a world where empathy and business sometimes clash. Michael brings forth the best in people by sincerely forming connections with a genuine curiosity for their individual, personal story. I would highly recommend Michael as a healer, as a connector, or as a leader in a professional environment.


Eva Malstrom – Hotel and Spa Industry:
After a decade of knowing Michael, what has stood out for me was his hard work, dedication, knowledge and the ability to connect with anybody from any culture. When you meet Mr. Strickland and get to know him you will always have a positive lasting impression of him of which can be life changing for some.


Cadi Jordan – Marketing & Social Media Strategist for the Spa, Health & Wellness Industry:
Michael is an extremely hard worker and great communicator. He manages his staff well and with ease. He is able to handle any situation that comes his way and has a diverse knowledge and mindset when it comes to the industry.


Rick Renaud – RMT
Michael is truly an excellent healer, and to add he is an excellent communicator and team player. Quite Simply Michael is awesome to work with and clients consistently rave about him.


Camelia Burnette – Spa Therapist:
Michael is professional, dedicated, good team leader, trainer and lead by example as one of the most requested therapist. I truly miss his guidance and support.


Ashley Ozechowski – Spa Therapist:
I had the pleasure to work with Michael for almost a decade. He is a talented therapist and has great positive energy that is infectious.


Scott Kittleson – Visionary @ thepow.ca: Consultant for LimeSop:
As a therapist, Michael’s treatments are intelligent, intuitive and empathetic. Michael is a kind and caring professional with a prolific work ethic.


Erica Pretty – BA (Hons),YT, RMT:
Michael’s intuitive nature as a therapist goes above and beyond what I have experienced is this industry. I feel honored to have worked with such a compassionate yet professional individual. He is a true leader and innovator.


Nickolai Skriabin – Three-time Olympian and Massage Practitioner:
I appreciated Michael’s humble demeanor and non-confrontational approach to problem solving. He also gave me insightful feedback that helped with my professional growth.


Lana Nelson:
Michael was consistently one of our most requested therapists. I often would request him as my massage therapist as well. Michael has a gifted healers touch and presence, he always had great tips of wisdom to share or would demonstrate by example.  Michael is a very well rounded person who works both well on his own and respected by his peers.  He is one that thinks outside the box and comes up with creative ways of solving a problem or inventive with business concepts and strategies.

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